Product Type : Led Head Light
Model : Novsight-A397-F10-H4
Warranty : 12 Months Warranty
Availability : Low stock
Price : ৳1,800.00 per piece

• 2020 new development product,bionic shark design,.

• Have the ultimate performance and extremely impact visual experience;.

• The size is very close to that of the halogen lamp, the distance from the chuck to the center of the lamp bead is the same, and the illumination brightness is more concentrated;size is extremely close to the size of the halogen lamp, and the distance between the chuck and the center point of the lamp bead is the same;.

• Adopt fan design, high speed of 9000, strong wind power, active heat dissipation, increase heat dissipation speed, and greatly increase bulb life.

• Integrated design, built-in drive, no redundant and complicated wiring harness, plug and play;.

• The heat transfer (heat conduction) of the copper substrate is twice the conduction rate of the aluminum substrate, which accelerates the heat conduction speed, makes the temperature of the lamp bead conduct quickly, and enhances the service life of the lamp bead (light source);.

• Non-polar design, to solve the short circuit caused by incorrect installation of the plug;.

• Quick start without delay;.

• IP68 waterproof and dust-proof grade;.

• Service life of 50,000 hours;.

• Intelligent temperature control system, intelligently identify the real-time situation of product temperature, intelligently and automatically adjust the current to reduce the risk of product dead lights..

• Bulb Socket: H4.

• Light Source: LATTICEPOWER Chips.

• Power: 70W/Pair(35W/Bulb)±10%.

• Lumens: 12,000LM/Pair(6000LM/Bulb).

• Color Temperature: 6000K White.

• Work Voltage(V): DC 12V.

• Current(A): 2.2A±10%.

• Working temperature: -40~ +80 Degree Celsius.

• Material: Aviation Aluminum 6063.

• IP68 Rated Waterproof And Dust-proof.

• Super Long Lifespan: ≥50,000 Hours.

• Warranty: 1 Year.

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