Product Type : Led Head Light
Model : Novsight-A500-N67-9005
Warranty : 12 Months Warranty
Availability : Available
Price : ৳3,800.00 per piece

• N67 Pro series bulbs feature advanced technologies that enhance their heat dissipation and brightness performance. These technologies include matrix heat dissipation, intelligent temperature control, and power decoding. With a silent hydraulic oil fan that operates at a speed of 12000 RPM to rapidly dissipate heat from the lamp body..

• The copper substrate and dual pure copper heat pipes of this H4/H7/H11/9005/9006 bulb headlight can make the bulb respond quickly, withstand greater power, and make the light brighter and more penetrating. Offers you wider, brighter visibility when driving at night. With IP68 rate waterproof, it can protect H4/H7/H11/9005/9006 LED bulbs from rainy days..

• The H4/H7/H11/9005/9006 LED headlight bulb with high power offers up to 800% brighter illumination than a traditional halogen bulb, has a wider view, and has the best beam performance..

• The H4/H7/H11/9005/9006 LED bulb, designed with the latest technology, and the innovative heat-conducting copper tube can start up quickly. Aviation aluminum housing and NMB double ball silent fan make the bulb heat dissipation meet the maximum efficiency and prolong its lifespan..

• Our bulb is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, which can automatically identify the real-time temperature of the product, and adjust the current in time, avoiding overheating and sudden extinction problems..

• Socket: 9005.

• Power: 140W/Pair(70W/Bulb).

• Lumens:30000LM/Pair(15000LM/Bulb).

• LED Type: CSP.

• Color: 6500K White.

• Waterproof Rate: IP68.

• Lifespan: >100,000Hrs.

• Connector Type: Plug and Play.

• Body Material: Aviation Aluminum.

• Application: Headlight, Fog light.

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