Product Type : Led Head Light
Model : Novsight-A500-N67EP-H11
Warranty : 12 Months Warranty
Availability : Low stock
Price : ৳3,900.00 per piece

• N67EP series LED headlights, an environmentally friendly and high-brightness LED headlight, adopt de-pollution process in the manufacturing process, designed with an original biodegradable box, as the innovative environmental protection headlight bulbs on the market..

• With 140W, each pair of N67EP LED bulbs uses high-power LED chips, provides you with a stable and bright light beam and is equipped with an intelligent Cooling System, and its lifespan last for 100000+ hours, let us try it..

• Eco-Friendly Packaging:.

• Our boxes are made from white Kraft paper, which is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Not only 100% recyclable but also 100% non-polluting. It is made from natural materials and printed with vegetable ink, which is safe and biodegradable. By choosing our packaging, you can save 0.785KG of carbon per package, which is like planting a tree. Let us care for the environment and the future together..

• Original Aluminium Body.

• Get rid of any pollution procedure, without any paint or peroxidation steps. The aluminium headlight body has a silver colour, which gives it a sleek and modern look. It also reflects our headlights environmentally friendly concept, as they contain no harmful substances or colours..

• 800% Ultra High Brightness.

• NOVSIGHT N67EP (environmentally friendly) LED headlight bulb is equipped with the 2023 newly developed technology, which uses 8PCS 140W high-power LED chips, providing 32,000LM light output per set. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than halogen or HID bulbs, as they use less electricity and produce less heat and emissions. You can see every detail of the road ahead with our high-lumen LED headlights..

• CAN BUS Ready:.

• NOVSIGHT N67EP (environmentally friendly) LED headlight bulb high and low beams fit for 99% of vehicles, external drive, built-in decoding function, ensuring no flicker, error warnings, or radio interference. Maybe some sensitive cars may require a CAN BUS decoder to prevent flickering, please do not worry about any problems with our lights, we have a 1-year warranty.

• Unparalleled Cooling System.

• N67EP series headlights have an unparalleled cooling system that combines copper and aluminium materials with a silent fan. The copper is recyclable and biodegradable, while the aluminium is lightweight and durable. The fan cools the lamps quickly and quietly, ensuring long-lasting and stable performance. N67EP series headlights can last up to 100000 hours..

• Power: 140W/Pair(70W/Bulb).

• Lumens:32000LM/Pair(16000LM/Bulb).

• LED Type: CSP.

• Color: 6500K White.

• Waterproof Rate: IP68.

• Lifespan: >100,000Hrs.

• Connector Type: Plug and Play.

• Body Material: Aviation Aluminium.

• Package Style: Environmentally friendly.

• Body Color: Aluminium silver white (no paint, no peroxide).

• Application: Headlight, Fog light.

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