Product Type : Led Head Light
Model : Novsight-A500-N62-9005
Warranty : 12 Months Warranty
Availability : Available
Price : ৳2,600.00 per piece

• Time to upgrade to LED!.

• LED bulbs save power and take up less space in the housing. This best replacement bulb offer superior brightness & Increase your safety. 20000 lumens white illumination per set, low and high beam headlamps in one set. With compact design the bulbs fit perfectly, straight 'Plug and Play' with no modification to the truck or the unit. No longer have installation issues! This N62 series 9005 headlight bulbs with no-noisy cooling system, keep the led life span..

• No longer have 9005installation issues..

• Traditional 9005 LED bulbs can't close or fit in lighting house due to the too-big or extra power cord, these new light bulbs don't have such problems at all, no tools needed and perfectly fit into your car without any modification, 5mins plug and play..

• 800% brighter than halogen.

• 9005 headlight bulbs with 20,000 lumens and 6500K color temperature, 8 times brighter than halogen, provide wider and brighter night visibility. No external driver or connector perfectly fits your housing and factory sockets, even in tight spaces..

• Automotive-specific chipsets.

• NOVSIGHT chipsets designed only for automotive use, ensure the real 100,000 hours lifespan because vehicles provide a harsh and demanding operating environment. Meanwhile, other brands may use off-the-shelf chipsets, which will create extreme heat and decreases lifespan..

• Our 9005/Hb3 light bulbs Cover 1200 Feet Visibility.

• Everything is visible as far as you can see, while with the regular halogen bulbs it's struggled to see was 100 feet only in front of the road. Much safer driving at night and on extreme weather days. Reduce night traffic accidents..

• Quick start without delay.

• Bulb Socket: 9005.

• Light Source: Automotive Grade.

• Power: 90W/Pair(45W/Bulb).

• Lumens: 20,000LM/Pair(10,000LM/Bulb).

• Color Temperature: 6500K White.

• Work Voltage(V): DC 11-30V.

• Current(A): 3A±10%.

• Working temperature: -40~ +90 Degree Celsius.

• IP68 waterproof and dust-proof grade.

• Material: Aviation Aluminum 6063.

• IP68 Rated Waterproof And Dust-proof.

• Super Long Lifespan: ≥50,000 Hours.

• Color Temperature: 6500K (White).

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